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Meet the team

Name Position Email
Catherine Richardson Director of Careers & Enterprise c.l.richardson@whitleybiz.com
Olivia Clark Team Administrator olivia.clark@whitleybiz.com

Digital Services

Name Position Email
Donna Hay

Education Division Teaching and Learning Business Partner

Clare Ebdon Data and Systems Manager c.l.ebdon@whitleybiz.com
Rosi Jelfs Information Services Manager r.a.jelfs@whitleybiz.com
Anita Lowe Careers Information Facilitator (Mon-Wed) anita.lowe@whitleybiz.com
Hazel Marsay Careers Information Facilitator (Wed-Thu) hazel.marsay@whitleybiz.com
Eleanor Routledge Careers Information Facilitator (maternity leave) eleanor.routledge@whitleybiz.com
Claire Wilson Careers Information Facilitator (Wed-Fri) claire.wilson@whitleybiz.com
Maedeh Mohammadi Administration Senior Assistant maedeh.mohammadi@whitleybiz.com

Careers Advisers

Name Position Email
David Henderson Postgraduate Careers Adviser d.m.henderson@whitleybiz.com
Peter Fox Careers Adviser peter.fox@whitleybiz.com
Mark Corcoran Careers Adviser mark.corcoran@whitleybiz.com
Adelle Fairclough Careers Adviser adelle.fairclough@whitleybiz.com
Stephen Nash Careers Adviser stephen.p.nash@whitleybiz.com
Heather Rutland Careers Adviser heather.d.rutland@whitleybiz.com
Melanie Tyson Careers Adviser melanie.tyson@whitleybiz.com

Employer Services

Name Position Email
Laura Smith Employer Services Manager    laura.smith@whitleybiz.com
Kathryn Addison Fairs & Finance Coordinator kathryn.j.addison@whitleybiz.com
Ann Herzog Employer Engagement Coordinator a.k.herzog@whitleybiz.com
Natalie Craig Employer Events Coordinator (job share) natalie.craig@whitleybiz.com
Catherine Howe Employer Engagement Administrator catherine.howe@whitleybiz.com

Work-Based Learning

Name Position Email
Laura Dorian Senior Manager - Work-Based Learning and Employer Engagement laura.dorian@whitleybiz.com
Victoria Cawkwell Work Experience Development Manager (Mon-Wed) victoria.cawkwell@whitleybiz.com
Lucy Morris Work Experience Development Manager (Wed-Fri) l.a.morris@whitleybiz.com
Barbara Dick Social Sciences Faculty Placement Manager barbara.dick@whitleybiz.com
Alex McNinch (nee Sedgwick) Business Faculty Placement Manager a.l.mcninch@whitleybiz.com
Gemma Messenger Arts & Humanities Faculty Placement Manager gemma.messenger@whitleybiz.com
Ashleigh Baty Science Faculty Placement Manager  ashleigh.l.sharp@whitleybiz.com
Duncan McDonald Internships & Industry Manager - Computer Science duncan.j.mcdonald@whitleybiz.com
David Morland Global Internships Manager david.morland@whitleybiz.com
Donna Carr DICE Project Manager donna.carr@whitleybiz.com
Gemma Niles DICE Project Administrator gemma.l.niles@whitleybiz.com

Employability and Skills Development

Name Position Email
Christine Bohlander Employability Development Manager christine.bohlander@whitleybiz.com


Name Position Email
Marek Tokarski Senior Enterprise Manager marek.tokarski@whitleybiz.com
Rachel Bickerdike Enterprise Manager rachel.bickerdike@whitleybiz.com
Chris Gilman Enterprise Manager chris.gilman@whitleybiz.com
Paul Stafford Postgraduate Enterprise Manager paul.d.stafford@whitleybiz.com
Kirsty Green Enterprise Team Administrator kirsty.green@whitleybiz.com

The Careers & Enterprise Centre is not part of a combined careers service but does work with GTI and Jisc to support the career activities of our students and graduates.